Stan Efferding Rhino Worlds Strongest Pro Bodybuilder 1 Disc DVD

Stan Efferding Rhino Worlds Strongest Pro Bodybuilder DVD

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Stan Efferding RHINO 1 Disc DVD
World's Strongest Pro Bodybuilder

2 hours 43 minutes/ One Disc DVD
Released : December 5, 2011

Produced By: Mocvideo Productions LLC
Replicated and Distributed By: Mocvideo Productions LLC

The Rhino Is Loose!

Stan Efferding, elite powerlifter, successful businessman, and - without a doubt - the world's strongest Pro Bodybuilder. Join him as he trains for the 2010 IFBB Worlds Strongest Pro Bodybuilder title.

See what Stan does to be number one in the world by joining him during his workouts and meals. Learn as he explains in detail his methods and techniques to be a bodybuilder AND a powerlifter.

Special features include trips to the Meat Market, benching with Ryan Kennelly, lakeside interview at his house, and footage of his win at the IFBB Mr Olympia 2010 contest!

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