Battle For The Olympia 2010 3 Disc DVD

Battle For The Olympia 2010 3 Disc DVD

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Battle For The Olympia 2010 3 Disc DVD

Approx. 8 hours/ Three Disc DVD
Released : February 10, 2011

Produced By: Mocvideo Productions LLC
Replicated and Distributed By: Mocvideo Productions LLC

The Battle For The Olympia is BACK!

8 hours of awesome footage of the biggest and baddest bodybuilders in the world. Filmed during the last 3 weeks up to the Mr Olympia 2010 contest. Starting in New York at Bev Francis' "East Coast Mecca" Powerhouse Gym with Kai Greene and Eugene Mishin, all the way to Las Vegas with Dennis Wolf and Jay Cutler. See all the athletes along the way doing what they do to get ready for the number one bodybuilding event in the world!

Eugene Mishin : Back and Arms
Kai Greene : Back
Craig Richardson : Arms
Erik Fankhouser : Arms
Bill Wilmore : Back and Arms
Victor Martinez : Calves and Triceps
Branch Warren/Johnnie Jackson : Shoulders
Hidetada Yamagishi : Chest and Calves
Troy Alves : Shoulders
Marcus Haley : Arms
Dennis Wolf : Shoulders
Roelly Winklaar : Shoulders
Jay Cutler : Legs
Toney Freeman : Arms
Ronny Rockel : Back and Shoulders

Also includes:
Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder
Press Conference
Meet The Olympians
Backstage Pump Room

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